Hours of Operation:

Mon - Fri : 7:30am - 3:00pm

Phone Number : 651-306-1456
Parts ordering by e-mail : info@navion.com




Aircraft Maintenance Facility


Osborne Tip-Tanks:

Sierra Hotel Aero provides Osborne Tip Tanks installations service.


For photo's please visit J.L Osborne Inc's website at http://jlosborne.com or click here.

To see if your aircraft is eligible for tip-tanks install, click here.


Gross weight increase* after installing tip-tanks for:


A (205hp) 2850lbs**
A (225hp) 3000lbs**
B 3100lbs
D 3100lbs
E 3100lbs
F 3100lbs


*All data obtained from J.L. Osborne website.

**Navion model A aircraft with approved engine installations of 240 horsepower or greater, are eligible for 3,100 lbs. gross weight per J.L. OSBORNE STC.