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Aircraft Maintenance Facility


D'Shannon Installs:

Sierra Hotel Aero is the only D'Shannon Certified Genesis install in the Midwest


The Genesis package gives you:

  • Increased Maximum Gross Take-off and Landing Weight: up to 4,010 lbs!
  • Improved slow speed handling.
  • Lower stall speeds.
  • Full FAA STC and PMA approval.

D'Shannon's GENESIS Conversion™ offers:

POWER: The improved take-off, climb, cruise speeds and economy of the Continental Motors, Inc. IO-550B with the latest technology propeller packages.

COOLING: High efficiency cooling is provided by D'Shannon Engine Baffles and Lower Cowling Access Panel Louver kits.

HANDLING: The D'Shannon Aileron and Flap Gap Seal kit to improve slow speed handling, reduce stall speeds, enhance stability and expand safety margins.

RANGE: Tip Tanks to dramatically increase range, endurance and safety margins.

CONTROL: Vortex Generators are also available (but not required) on the GENESIS Conversion™ to further reduce stall speeds and enhance stability. VGs provide positive aileron control and enhance rudder authority at slower speeds and higher angles of attack.

PAYLOAD: The most exciting benefit of the GENESIS Conversion™ is a Maximum Gross Take-off and Landing Weight of 4,010 lbs.


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